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Electric blanket keeps you warm in extreme winter bed warmer

Bed Warmer: The heaters and blowers will no longer be needed in the bitter cold. This blanket worth less than 800 rupees will keep you warm. The special thing is that your electricity bill will not come much….

Electric Blanket: Winter has started in India and people have started buying heaters and blowers to avoid the cold. But their use increases the electricity bill so much that it hurts a lot to fill. But there are many devices that cost a lot less and it does not make much difference to the electricity bill. The device we are going to tell about is electric blanket. It heats up in minutes as soon as it is laid on the bed. Let’s know about this…

Electric Blanket Price In India

The blanket we are talking about is named Bhaven Creations Solid Single Electric Blanket. It has been offered with many color options. By the way, it costs Rs 1,999, but is available on Amazon for Rs 711. Blanket is being given a discount of 64 percent. It has a rating of 3.4 stars on Flipkart and reviews are also good. 

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Electric Blanket Specifications

This electric blanket comes with premium built quality. Every bitterness is able to keep warm even in cold. It is used comfortably in the snowy winter. If you have stiffness in your back and body pain, it can be very useful for you.

Electric Blanket comes with two settings. The warmth in the light is slightly less and the full flow on high gives hot air. It can also be controlled from remote. Once purchased it is going to last for years. The special thing is that it can also be washed in the washing machine. But electric wires have to be removed before washing.


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