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Electric Bike Tips: Keep these four things in mind for the long life of the electric bike, its lifespan will increase.


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The demand for electric bikes is increasing rapidly in the country. If you also use an electric bike, then by keeping certain things in mind, the lifespan of the bike can be easily increased. We are giving you this information in this news.

How to take care of battery

The most expensive part in an electric bike is the battery. If you have also bought a new electric bike, then try to take maximum care of the battery installed in the bike. By doing this, the battery life of your bike will not only be longer but it will also give you better range. To increase the life of the bike battery, one should avoid charging the battery frequently. The battery should be charged whenever the battery is about to be completely discharged or when the battery capacity is at least between 10 to 20 percent. Along with this, one should also avoid overcharging the battery.

Fast charger will cause harm

To make the battery of any bike last longer, you should try to charge it at home or office with the charger provided by the company. Doing this may take you more time, but it causes less damage to the battery than a fast charger. The battery charges quickly when charged with a fast charger, but if fast charging is used repeatedly, it has a negative impact on the life of the battery.

It is also important to take care of tires

It is also very important to take care of the correct air pressure in the tires of an electric bike. If the tire of the bike does not have the correct air pressure, then the motor installed in the bike will have to work at a higher capacity, which will require more battery and due to this, you will get less driving range. Therefore, try to get the air in the tire checked after two-four days and if necessary, get it filled with air.

timely service

Motor and battery are the most expensive parts in an electric bike. Apart from this, there is no engine or other types of parts in it. But it is important to get them serviced on time. According to the information received from the company, the lifespan of the bike can be increased by completing the prescribed kilometers and getting the bike serviced from the service center at regular intervals.


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