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Electric 2-wheelers of these 8 companies are selling fast, bumper demand created panic in 30 days

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Electric Two Wheeler Sales: If you are thinking of buying a new electric two wheeler, then this news of ours can be of great use to you. Today we are going to tell you about those 8 companies, whose electric two-wheelers have been sold the most in the Indian market. Actually, the sales report of all electric two-wheelers for the last month i.e. June 2020 has come. So let’s have a look…

rank name of the company how many people bought in june How many were sold in May 2022 What is the difference in 1 month
1 Okinawa 6,976 units 8,888 units Sales down 21.51 percent
2 ampere 6,534 units 5,529 units Sales up 18.18 percent
3 Hero Electric 6,486 units 2,739 units 136.80 percent sales up
4 Ola 5,689 units 8,681 units Sales down 34.47 percent
5 TVS 4,667 units 2,637 units Sales up 76.98 percent
6 Ather 3,797 units 3,098 units Sales up 22.56 percent
7 Revolt 2,419 units 1,585 units Sales up 52.62 percent
8 Joy eBikes 2,125 units 2,055 units Sales up 3.41 percent

Last month, Okinawa’s electric two-wheelers were the most sold. However, compared to the month of May, the company’s sales have registered a sharp decline of 21.51 sales losses. At the same time, Ampere was the second largest seller of electric two-wheelers last month. Hero Electric made its place in the top-3, which sold 6,486 units last month. Hero’s sales registered a huge growth of 136.80 percent during the month.

Companies like Ola and TVS may have remained out of the top-3, but both of them have made their place in the top-5. While the sales of Ola’s electric two-wheelers registered a decline of 34.47 percent as compared to the month of May, TVS registered a huge jump of 76.98 percent.

Ather, Revolt and Joy eBikes The sales of all these three companies have increased compared to the month of May. That is, apart from Okinawa and Ola, the sales of electric vehicles of all companies have increased.

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