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Eight Ways to Protect Your Computer from Virus Infection

If earlier a virus or a Trojan could in the worst case infect various files and some important documents, now it is more serious. Computers store information about bank cards, login information for various accounts, photos and videos. Attackers can sell personal data on the darknet, and they can ask for a large ransom for working important documents.

Therefore, it is important to take responsibility for protecting your computer. To do this, you need to remember about eight rules.

  1. Check Wi-Fi router operation… It is necessary to set a strong access password and update the firmware from time to time.
  1. Use antivirus… According to the author, it is not worth using a computer without an antivirus in 2021. You can even use the built-in Microsoft Defender from antivirus programs.
  1. Update Windows… The fact is that with the help of updates, various vulnerabilities of the system are corrected.
  1. Make automatic backup of files… It is best to do this in several places: to the cloud, to your computer, to external media. For example, for a collection of photos and videos, a 1 TB external drive is suitable, and if there is a lot of data, then you can purchase an 8 TB device. For a daily and automatic backup, you need to turn to the “Backup Service” or to third-party programs such as Action Backup, Macrium Reflect, EaseUS Todo Backup. You can also set up a backup of working files to the cloud instead of the hard drive.


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