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Eight people, including Kim Sam-soon, the first female doctor of agriculture, among those of merit in science

[2021년도 과학기술유공자 신규 지정]
Myung Hyo-cheol Lee Ik-chun Kim Jeong-ryong Park Sang-dae
Apologetic Man Lee Hyun-soon Kim Sam-soon Jeong Geun-mo

The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 14th that it had designated eight people of merit in science and technology for 2021. The photo (name omitted) is from left to right in the upper row: Myung Hyo-cheol, Ik-chun Ik-chun, Kim Jeong-ryong, and Park Sang-dae. From left to right in the lower row: Byun Jeung-nam, Lee Hyun-soon, Kim Sam-soon, and Jeong Geun-mo. Provided by the Ministry of Science and ICT

Eight people, including the late Kim Sam-soon, an emeritus professor at Seoul Women’s University, the first female doctor in agriculture, were newly designated as meritorious in science and technology this year. The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 14th that “eight people who have dedicated themselves to the development of science and technology in Korea will be newly designated as persons of merit in science and technology in 2021.” The science and technology merit system was introduced in 2017 with the purpose of designating scientists and engineers who have contributed to the development of science and technology in Korea, raising the honor and pride of scientists and engineers, and creating a culture in which scientists and engineers are respected. A total of 77 people have been designated as meritorious, including 8 people this year. The list and achievements of the eight people designated this year are as follows. ◇ Natural Sciences △The late Hyo-cheol Myung, president of the Advanced Institute of Science and Technology: An outstanding mathematician who contributed to the establishment of a mathematical theory on the generalization of quantum mechanics, he gained international fame by solving the unsolved ‘Albert problem’ with the American physicist Professor Okubo. △ Late Ik-Chun Ik-Chun, Professor Emeritus of Inha University: A chemist who laid the foundations of Korean physical chemistry, he proposed the concept of a cross-action constant, established the theory of the structural analysis of the transition state of organic reactions, and led the internationalization of domestic chemical research by publishing an international academic journal. ◇ Life Science △ Late Seoul National University Emeritus Professor Kim Jeong-ryong: A pioneer in liver disease research that developed a non-hepatitis (B) vaccine, hepatitis non-hepatitis virus was isolated from human serum and then developed a domestic non-hepatitis vaccine ‘Hepabox’ It contributed greatly to the reduction of the prevalence and public health. △Park Sang-Dae Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University: A life scientist who has pioneered the research of biotechnology in Korea and established a foundation for basic research. contributed to ◇ Engineering △ Ko Byun Jeung-nam, Professor Emeritus of KAIST and UNIST: A pioneer in robot research in Korea, recognized as an outstanding leader in the field of control engineering such as optimal control theory, intelligent robot control, and fuzzy theory through the development of the first industrial robot in Korea and research on intelligent robots received. △Hyun-soon Lee, Advisor to Doosan Group: As Korea’s representative automotive engineer who developed engine and transmission for vehicles, he led Korea’s engine technology to the level of advanced countries and laid the foundation for a powerful automobile manufacturing country. ◇ Convergence/promotion field △ Late Kim Sam-soon, Seoul Women’s University Emeritus Professor: As Korea’s first female doctor of agriculture who contributed to the development of mycology, she published outstanding research results such as publication and artificial cultivation of oyster mushrooms. devoted to institutionalization. △Former Minister of Science and Technology Jeong Geun-mo: A nuclear expert who contributed to science and technology administration, supporting excellent research centers such as Korea-style nuclear power generation technology independence, leading research centers (SRC·ERC), promoting mid- to long-term large-scale R&D projects (G7, etc.), KAIST , played a midwife role in the establishment of domestic scientific and technological institutions such as the Academy of Advanced Science and Technology. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Science and ICT will enact the ‘Regulations on the Respect for Persons of Merit in Science and Technology’ as a presidential decree and promulgate it on the 16th in order to increase the pride and pride of meritorious people and to create a social culture in which scientists and engineers are respected. Reporter Lee Geun-young [email protected]


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