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Eight habits that keep you from losing weight

Even a healthy diet can be useless if you don’t give up some of your habits. Including food.

  1. Chewing gum all the time… Chewing gum promotes the production of gastric juice, and if at this time food does not enter the stomach, then this will negatively affect your well-being. It is better to drink water instead of gum: in small sips and constantly.
  1. Too much salt in the diet… Salt causes bloating. A lot of this substance is found in semi-finished products and ready-made meals, so they need to be discarded.
  1. Rapid absorption of food… In this case, you run the risk of overeating, because the body does not have time to understand that it is being fed.
  1. Soda consumption… As a result, you get bloating. Therefore, it is better to either limit the consumption of such drinks, or refuse them altogether.


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