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Effect of expensive petrol diesel and CNG. Uber-Ola rides costlier

Ola Uber Hikes Prices: It is clear from the data of retail inflation that the prices of food items are touching the sky. But now traveling to and from office has also become expensive. App-based cab aggregator companies have increased the fares due to the steep increase in the prices of petrol, diesel and CNG. Due to which the budget of the common people is going to deteriorate. Ola and Uber have increased fares. Both the companies have increased the cap fare by up to 12 per cent.

Cab ride became expensive
Uber had said in a statement that rising fuel oil prices are “raising concern” and the company “will take further necessary steps in view of this”. Nitish Bhushan, Head of Central Operations, Uber India and South Asia, said that “feedback has been taken from the drivers and we believe that rising oil prices are causing concern.” In order to provide relief to the drivers in such times, Uber has decided to increase the fare by up to 12 per cent in Delhi-NCR. Uber has also made it clear that it will keep an eye on oil prices and a decision will be taken in view of the situation.

Effect of hike in petrol and diesel prices
Let us tell you that from 22 March, the government oil companies started increasing the prices of petrol and diesel and in 14 days the prices of both the fuels were increased by Rs 10 per liter. Petrol in Delhi is currently being sold at Rs 105.41 per liter and diesel at Rs 96.67 per liter. In many cities, petrol diesel is being available at even higher prices.

CNG 50% costlier in six months
There has been a tremendous increase in the prices of not only petrol diesel but also CNG. After the doubling of domestic natural gas prices by the central government, gas companies have also increased the prices of CNG significantly. In the month of April, the prices of CNG have been increased four times. Whereas the prices have been increased 10 times in a month. CNG is currently available in Delhi at Rs 69.11 per kg. Whereas in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, CNG is available at Rs 71.67 and in Gurugram at Rs 77.44 per kg. If we consider the increase in CNG prices in the last six months, CNG has become costlier by about 50 percent.

and demand increase in rent
However, Uber Ola has made riding in its cabs expensive. But the drivers of these cabs are not satisfied with this. They are pressurizing to increase the prices even more. And are threatening to go on strike, in such a situation the difficulties of the common people are going to increase.

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