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Easy way to record WhatsApp calls, secretly save things like this

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WhatsApp Call Record Tricks: instant messaging app WhatsApp Crores of people use it. This app is famous for strong privacy and security features. Users use it to message each other. Apart from this, voice calls and video calls are also done from this app. However, the way we use ordinary phones call record If we do, the same recording is not possible for WhatsApp calls. That’s why we brought some such tricks for you, by which you will easily be able to record WhatsApp calls. Android and iOS users can do this with the help of third party apps.

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Often users also use screen recorder to record WhatsApp calls. However, this method does not prove to be effective for every user. WhatsApp does not allow recording of calls directly. However, sometimes there is a dire need to record calls. So today we have come up with a trick to record WhatsApp calls for Android and Apple iOS users.

Android users do WhatsApp Call Record like this

  • Android users can use third party apps for recording WhatsApp calls. For this purpose, there is an app like Call Recorder-Cube ACR in the market. After installing this app from Google Play Store, follow the process mentioned here.
  • Open Call Recorder-Cube ACR app and give all permissions.
  • After giving permission, its widget will appear when you make a WhatsApp call or pick up a call.
  • When the widget is not visible, open this app and select Force VoIP call as a voice call.
  • Now WhatsApp calls will automatically start recording in your phone.
  • All call recordings of WhatsApp will be saved in the phone’s internal storage.

Apple iPhone users should follow this method

To record WhatsApp calls in iPhone, you have to adopt a different method. For this, the help of a Mac device will have to be taken. To record WhatsApp calls, download the QuickTime app on Mac. After this follow the method mentioned here.

  • Connect iPhone to Mac device.
  • Now open QuickTime app in Mac device.
  • Here go to File option and click on New Audio Recording.
  • After this select the iPhone and click on the Record button appearing in the QuickTime app.
  • Now on making WhatsApp call from iPhone, the recording of the call will be saved in Mac.



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