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Easily word any number in Excel, follow this step

Many times people change the number one by one in Wordus while working on a computer. This can take a long time to do this. People in Excel use the formula for this. However, now with the help of an extension you can easily convert any number to Word.


Download the numbertext extension to convert the number to Word.
After this, change the formula to Word by applying the formula = NUMBERTEXT ( B3).
You can apply this formula even after selecting all the columns simultaneously.

New Delhi.  While working on Excel, people easily convert any number into a word using the formula. Similarly, it is very easy to convert any number to Word using the formula in Google Sheet. This requires an extension. Without this it is very difficult to use the formula. Many times people get upset after applying the formula in it if they are not aware of this extension.

If you also use the formula to convert any number to Word while working on PC, then first of all download this extension for this.

Download add on to google workspace
Many times people need to convert a number to Word while working on a Google sheet. It is very difficult to convert all numbers into one tax world. If there are big files, people spend a lot of time to change it. With the help of an add on, you can do it in jokes. Open Google Sheets for this. Click above the extension in it. Here you will see the add on. Now click on the gate add on and download the numbertext extension.

Download Link

Convert the number to word from this formula
To convert the number to Word, the way Microsoft uses the formula in Excel, similarly it can convert it to Word by applying the formula to Google sheets. After opening the Google sheet for this, click on any one box. After this, you can apply the formula = NUMBERTEXT( B3). Similarly, by clicking on individual columns, you can change any number in Word with the help of this formula.

Convert such number to word

1. To convert a number to a word, first click on the box with that number.
2. Next apply the formula = NUMBERTEXT( ).
3. Insert the column in bracket that you want to convert to text.
4. Now select and select the top of that column.
5. After pressing Enter, you can convert it to Word.
6. Now in this way, by applying this formula in front of every column, you can also select all together.


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