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Earthquake App | Now there is no need to be afraid, before the earthquake, you will get an alert on your mobile phone, know about the wonderful service of Google. DigitNews (New India)

Photo- Google/Android

Delhi: The strong tremors of the earthquake that occurred on Tuesday night shook India as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Earthquake tremors were also felt in various states of India including Delhi-NCR. The earthquake has caused huge loss of life and property. Millions of people around the world live in areas that are vulnerable to earthquakes. In this situation, an alert system can help save lives. Do you know that the Android phone you are using can receive alerts before earthquakes?

Google sends real time earthquake alerts

Google sends real time earthquake alerts to its users. Android users get this alert on their phones a few seconds before an earthquake occurs. With this, users can save their own and others’ lives. Let us find out how this warning system works. The name of this Google service is ‘Android Earthquake Alert System’. It is completely free service that detects earthquakes around the world. The service sends alerts to Android users before an earthquake. Even in Pakistan, many people have been warned about the earthquake on the phone. Its screenshots have also been shared by some people on social media.

ShakeAlert uses a network of seismic sensors

ShakeAlert uses a network of 1,675 seismic sensors to detect earthquakes. The data is then analyzed and the location and impact of the earthquake is identified. The system sends alerts directly to Android phones to help people prepare for earthquakes. Earthquake alerts or notifications for Android phones are created in two ways. Both types of alert notifications are sent only for earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 and above. The first alert is called ‘Be Aware Alert’ and the second is called ‘Take Action Alert’.

Photo – Google/Alert

be aware alert

This alert notification is designed for mild earthquake tremors. More information related to the earthquake will be available as soon as you tap on its notification. This alert will be received before earthquakes of MMI 3 and magnitude 4.5 or higher. However, this alert only works according to the volume, do not disturb and notification settings.

action alert

This warning or alert is sent by Google when there is a danger of strong earthquake tremors. So that you can prepare in time to avoid famine or save your life and others. This alert will only be for aftershocks of MMI 5+ and earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or higher. This alert turns on the phone’s screen and makes a loud sound, regardless of the Do Not Disturb setting.


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