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Earth has a ‘special power’, know about it

Despite some major changes in the Earth’s climate, life has been thriving on this planet for millions of years. Now a study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has revealed that the Earth has its own stabilizing mechanism. In other words, our planet has a special power, which makes it habitable by keeping the global temperature constant. But how is this possible. Scientists say that its possible mechanism is ‘silicate weathering’. It is a geological process that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This regulates the carbon cycle of the planet.

of scientists to accept It is believed that the ‘silicon weathering mechanism’ may be responsible for keeping global temperature and carbon dioxide at optimum levels. However, scientists still lack direct evidence for this theory. Scientists’ findings in the journal Science Advances published Has happened.

Study author Konstantin Arnscheidt said that on the one hand this research is good because it will not be an issue of global warming, but it takes hundreds of thousands of years for the earth to have this stable system, which is enough to solve the current threat of global warming. is insufficient for

The conclusion scientists have reached is not entirely new. Scientists have long predicted the effects of climate-stabilization on our Earth’s carbon cycle. Important information about this has been obtained from the analysis of the rocks of our planet. By chemically analyzing ancient rocks, scientists have found that despite dramatic changes in global temperatures, the flow of carbon into and out of the planet’s surface atmosphere has remained relatively constant and balanced.

However, the stable system that scientists are talking about is a process lasting thousands of years. The Earth’s stable system appears to be insufficient to deal with the global warming we are currently facing. Even if it can deal with today’s conditions, it may take thousands of years. Don’t know whether the existing life will survive on this planet till then or not. The challenge before us today needs to be tackled quickly and swiftly.

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