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Earning in millions every month, Blue tick on Instagram will give easy tips!


  • Verifying the account increases the credibility
  • Users can earn in lakhs
  • These tips are helpful

Most Instagram users have to get their account verified for which they are given a blue tick. Once your account is verified, companies automatically start contacting you. When companies start contacting you, you are given full opportunity to earn. You can do tree partnerships with companies. You not only earn but also become very popular. If you also want to verify your account, then today we are going to tell you some easy tips which are going to be of great use to you.

Increase your users

If the number of your users keeps increasing continuously then you can easily apply for account verification. Actually, when you send a request for account verification, the company reviews your profile and sees how many people follow you. If the number of users who follow you is more, then it is clear that you are very popular and in this case your chances of getting your account verified increases.

keep public account

If you want to get your account verified, never keep it private. When you make your account public, its reach increases to a great extent and people start coming to your account. Once people like your content, they keep connecting to your account. Your account must be public to send request for verification.

post regularly

If you post regularly on your Instagram account, then users keep coming to your account and your account also remains active. If you do not do this, then the chances of getting your account verified are reduced, so if you want to get BlueTick, then for this, first of all, be active on your account.

Use good tags in posts

Tagging is very important for every post, if you put your post with the right tagging, then its reach increases a lot. In such a situation, always share your post with tagging.

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