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Earn by unlocking the phone, one person earned crores! did you hear this interesting story

New Delhi. Password hacking is no longer a big deal. Every day we keep hearing such stories where we are informed about the password being hacked. You must have heard about Carrier Lock. These locks used to come in the market long back. These were made available in Reliance phones. SIMs of other companies did not work in such phones. However, now such phones are rarely available. But if we talk about foreign countries, then there is still a trend of such phones.

If we tell you that a person has earned $ 25 million i.e. about Rs 198.41 crore by using such a phone, would you believe it? Yes, this is true. This person has earned so much money by opening the lock of one such phone. This story is from California, USA. Here a person named Argishti Khudavardyan is accused of earning millions of dollars by stealing passwords. Its age is 44 years. This person unlocked users’ phones by hacking T-Mobile’s system.

Let us tell you that there are some such devices in the US market which can be used with only one SIM card. In this, the SIM of any other company cannot be used. T-Mobile is one such company that sells such phones.

The accused is the owner of a T-Mobile store. The store is located in the Eagle Rock area of ​​Los Angeles. It has been told in the reports that this person wrongly unlocked the users’ phones. As a result, now the unlocked phone can easily use the SIM of any network. From this he has earned about 25 million dollars.

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To steal the password of any locked phone, he used to send phishing mail to the user. This gave him access to the company’s system. Then used to unlock the phone with this access. This person said that from 2014 to 2019 many phones have been unlocked. The man was found guilty in the case and its verdict will be pronounced on October 17.


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