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Earlier she left her job because of her hobby, now this woman earns a lot by walking dogs.

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This woman is earning lakhs by walking her dog

There are many people who make their hobby their career and if seen in the true sense, then only those people are successful. You must have heard that dialogue of Three Idiots. Whatever work you are interested in, make it your work, then work will not seem like a game and you will have a lot of fun playing this game. People who adopt this in their lives progress a lot. The story of one such woman is in discussion among people these days.

We are talking about 28-year-old Grace Buttery Barista, resident of Norwich, who used to make coffee at Rista Coffee Café. Many times he had to stay for hours for this work and he did not even get proper money there. Whenever she got time outside her work, she used to take her dog for a walk. In such a situation, one day his friend jokingly said that you have become a dog walker, why don’t you just walk the dog. From here the light in the woman’s mind lit up and she immediately resigned from the job.

Earning this much now?

After this, in the year 2019, he opened his own company and converted his hobby into work. She used to walk people’s dogs for six hours every day, in return for which the dog owners give her money. In the beginning he had only two-four customers but now he has hundreds of customers. Due to which he earns 42 thousand pounds. If these expenses are removed then he is left with about Rs 34 lakh.

Although Grace admits that being a dog walker has its own challenges, if you love your work then there will be no problem. I earn more in this job because I have to pay for the store or the premises. One has to spend on thousands of things like electricity, gas etc. Most of my earnings are spent on petrol. Well, I don’t have any problem with this work because I like to rotate them.

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