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E-Scooters: Electric scooters will no longer be able to run in Paris, people voted after frequent accidents

While electric scooters are being promoted in many countries of the world, preparations are now being made to discontinue electric scooters in the capital of France, Paris. According to media reports, these scooters may be discontinued soon in Paris. We are telling you in this news why this is being done.

Electric scooters will be closed

According to media reports, electric scooters can be discontinued in the French capital Paris. Voting was held on Sunday to ban electric scooters in Paris, after which information is being received that now the use of these scooters can be stopped in Paris.

why would it be closed

According to media reports, accidents are increasing continuously in Paris due to these electric scooters. After which a referendum was held in Paris on Sunday and after the voting, information is being received that they can be closed soon in the city. According to the information, in the voting held on Sunday, about 89 percent of the people have voted in favor of closing the electric scooter.

people are happy

“We are delighted,” said Arnaud Kielbasa, co-founder of Apakauwi Charity, which represents victims of electric scooter accidents. We have been fighting for this since four years. All Parisians say they are nervous on the sidewalk, nervous when crossing streets. You need to look everywhere, which makes it difficult to keep track of the road.

E-scooter operators said this

According to media reports, e-scooter operators are angry after the voting on Sunday. They say that people of an anarchic nature often drive them irresponsibly on the streets of Paris. But this decision will cause him a lot of trouble.

The administration took the initiative

In the year 2018, the local administration had welcomed the e-scooter. But gradually the rules were tightened. These rules included creating parking zones, limiting top speed and limiting the number of operators. But such measures failed to convince the residents. Several cases of fatal accidents have also highlighted the dangers of vehicles that can currently be hired by children under the age of 12.


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