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Dual-Mode Vehicle: The world’s first dual-mode vehicle

World’s First Dual-Mode Vehicle: Japan’s Asa Coast Railway Company has developed the latest DMV vehicle that can run both bus and train. It’s like a bus on the roads, it’s like a train on the tracks. It is the first dual mode vehicle in the world. These vehicles run on rubber tires when walking on the roads. At the railway track, the vehicle interchanges with Underbelly Automatic Adjustment technology and travels like an efficient train carriage with the help of steel wheels.

In addition, the front wheels go up and down the track, and the rear wheels go down to push on the railway track. The unique feature of this dual mode vehicle is that its tires are automatically adjusted to suit the roads and railway tracks and move as fast as the respective vehicles. The vehicle was also unveiled in public on Saturday in the town of Kaiyo in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan.

To this end, Asa Coast Railway Company CEO Shigeki Miura said such vehicles would help smaller towns such as the less populated Kaiyo. He also said that these DMV vehicles look like mini buses. He said the vehicle could carry up to 21 passengers. According to the Asa Coast Railway Company, it can travel at speeds of up to 60 km / h on railway tracks and 100 km / h on roads. Over claimed to be a diesel based vehicle. Miura is confident that the project will not only attract Japanese people but also encourage them, said Asa Coast Railway Company CEO Shige.

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