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Drones for delivery of documents and small goods have been created in Russia

First, the drone system will be tested on the university campus – in the building of the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade of SPbPU. For each drone, route maps will be developed and the logic of interaction with users will be determined. The UAVs will deliver the necessary things around the hull, they will be able to recognize the situation and avoid accidents.

The developers hope that the system will be of interest to hypermarkets. The drone will be loaded with goods, determine the route, and the machine will be able to deliver orders to the desired location. Everything will be done within the building.

“We will start by creating route maps for each drone and defining the logic of the system’s interaction with users. Our research group, together with partners, will develop a mobile application through which access to the technology will be provided. And thus, upon request, the “machine” will move from one point to another, avoiding obstacles and accidents, ”commented the project curator, senior lecturer at the Higher School of Production Management of SPbPU Yegor Temirgaliev.

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