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Driving Tips: How to overtake a truck-bus and what is lane driving? These 2 ‘Basic Mantras’ will save you from accidents

  • Most road accidents in the country occur due to careless driving and driving in the wrong lane. Many people overtake from the wrong side while driving, leading to accidents. Today, we are going to discuss two basic principles to avoid accidents.
  • You must have heard the saying, “Accidents happen when caution is abandoned.” Many car drivers fail to remain alert while driving, often disregarding traffic rules, leading to a rapid increase in road accidents in the country. Now, the question arises: what should car drivers keep in mind for safe driving? If you are not cautious while driving on the highway or expressway, a single mistake can result in fatal consequences.
  • While driving on the highway or expressway, many people overtake carelessly or fail to drive in the correct lane, leading to accidents and potential loss of life. Today, we will address two important questions: first, what is the correct way to overtake on the highway? Second, what is lane driving?
  • Overtaking Rules: Pay Attention to These Guidelines
  • Many people make the mistake of overtaking another vehicle from the left side on the highway, which is incorrect. For overtaking, it is always recommended to overtake from the right side, but with caution.
  • If you intend to overtake a vehicle ahead, first, honk your horn to alert the driver in front. Only overtake when the front vehicle gives you space.
  • When overtaking on the highway, use the designated overtaking lane on the right side. Highways and expressways in India have varying numbers of lanes, so choose the appropriate lane before overtaking.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead while overtaking on the highway. Additionally, use your indicator before overtaking or changing lanes, and ensure your vehicle remains within the speed limit.
  • Understanding Lane Driving
  • The left lane on highways or roads is for heavy vehicles and those traveling at low speeds. The right lane is designated for faster vehicles and overtaking.
  • Lane driving, as the name implies, involves driving within a lane. For instance, on a road with three lanes, the left lane is for slow-moving vehicles, the middle lane is for medium-speed vehicles, and the right lane is for high-speed vehicles. Choose the appropriate lane based on your vehicle and speed to avoid accidents.
  • Which Side Should Bikes Ride When Near Trucks?
  • Many bike and scooter riders wonder which side they should ride on when near a truck. Before addressing this question, it’s important to understand blind spots and why they are referred to as red zones. Truck drivers can see vehicles approaching on their right side in the side mirror, while the left side mirror provides information about vehicles behind to a significant extent.
  • Therefore, it is advisable for two-wheelers to ride on the right side of the truck so that the truck driver can clearly see vehicles behind them in the side mirror on the right side. However, bikes or scooters should not ride directly alongside the front doors or side mirrors of the truck, as this is a blind spot. It’s a location where the truck driver cannot see, increasing the risk of collision. If you need to overtake a truck, always do so from the right side.

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