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Driverless minibus service started in China, people are traveling

Chinese autonomous driving company ‘WeRide’ recently announced that it has started service of unmanned minibus ‘Robobus’ in Guangzhou International Bio Island. Unlike electric vehicles, this minibus does not have parts like steering wheel, brake pedal. It’s just fully automatic. According to reports, WeRide has successfully operated its commercial service, Robotaxi, in the region for nearly two years. Now the company has launched the unmanned minibus ‘Robobus’ on the roads.

One of the Pandaily Report As of now, Robobus is a fully electric vehicle. Its top speed is 40 kilometers per hour. It promises safe driving service from city roads to expressways, tunnels and even in bad weather. At present, the company has started this service on two routes. It will be launched across the island in the near future. Robobus service runs throughout the week. From Monday to Friday it operates from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. It operates from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Passengers can check the real-time location of buses and other information on the ‘WeRide Go’ app.

Volunteers have also been deployed in Robobus vehicles. These will inform the passengers boarding the bus for the first time about the bus and will make it friendly to travel. Realtime monitoring of the minibus will be done from the WeRide Support Center. The bus also has a brake button for any emergency.

The concept of a full electric Robobus Key is really interesting. For the first time in China, full electric robots are running on the roads. It has drawn the blueprint of China’s plans for the future. Such a service is also a bold move, as people do not want to board a full electric bus right now. The company is winning the trust of the people with the help of its volunteers. He has to follow the high standards of safety.

Significantly, electric vehicles are being adopted all over the world. One step ahead in the process in China. Robotaxy has been started in this country two years ago, in which there is no driver. Now by introducing the service of unmanned minibus ‘Robobus’, this country has gone ahead in terms of full electric vehicles.

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