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Drinik malware Alert: Pay attention to those doing mobile banking


New Delhi. If you use online banking, then there is important news for you. Actually these days a new virus Drinik is wreaking havoc. Once installed, Drinik malware takes access to many things from users. This allows the malware to read, receive and send SMS in addition to reading the call log. Apart from this, the virus takes permission to read and use your stored data. Like other banking Trojans, Drinik relies on an accessibility service. In such abt cyber security expert from priya sankhla discussed in detail..

steals data like this
It is often seen that users do not pay attention while clicking on the ‘Access Grant’ button. The Drinik malware records every activity on the hacked device, including screen movement and keystrokes.
When the victim enters a PIN, the malware steals the biometric PIN and also captures keystrokes by recording the screen using media projection. The stolen details are then sent to the C&C server.

Follow these tips to avoid Drinik virus
1. Do not click on links received through SMS. no matter what the sender id is
2. No government send any type of SMS for any kind of refund
3. Never put any app to access mobile features without any useful reason. If you must grant access, please return access before closing this app
4. It is best to use a website on a computer instead of an app for financial purposes
5. Avoid installing banking app, income tax app and don’t save password, customer id of bank on mobile note or photo in gallery
6. Digital Wallet with Limit is the best way of doing financial transactions by mobile, instead of using direct banking app. If any malware is installed in your mobile then you will not lose all the money in your bank account.

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