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Dreame Trouver M1: compact, powerful and smart robot vacuum cleaner

Dreame has announced the start of Russian sales of the new Trouver M1 vacuum cleaner. It works in dry and wet cleaning modes, supports five power modes and is not lost even in a large apartment. In addition, the robot boasts decent autonomy and voice control functions.

Dreame trouver m1

One of the key features of the Dreame Trouver M1 is an advanced navigation system based on lidar and a set of high-precision sensors. The robot easily navigates the room, avoiding obstacles and capturing the maximum floor area. In the Dreamehome mobile application for Android and iOS, you can also select an area for spot cleaning or install a virtual wall beyond which the device will not go. Voice commands are also supported, including through speakers with “Alice”.

The device is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that provides suction power up to 4500 Pa (5 power modes in total), which is enough to effectively clean dust and small debris on different floor coverings. Due to its small size (32.5 x 32.5 x 7.6 cm), the robot can easily pass under many cabinets and sofas. There is a wet cleaning function, and the intensity of water supply to the cleaning cloth can be adjusted.

Dreame trouver m1

To increase the efficiency of dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a turbo brush with V-shaped bristles 16.8 cm wide – it carefully collects hair, fur and crumbs. A 2600 mAh battery is responsible for the autonomy of the device. According to the manufacturer, one charge is enough for 150 minutes of work or cleaning an area of ​​up to 140 square meters. If there is a need to “refuel”, the robot itself returns to the docking station.


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