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Drained Brains

In last three decades many intelligent brains have been drained to foreign countries from our country. Among them, prominent brain-drainers are from premier Institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), and Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (IIMS). These professional graduates, post-graduates & doctorates: who are tagged as best brains and on whom the country invests a lot with state of art facilities with a notion to serve our country; do very conveniently slip to develop countries to still develop them.

 With its best efforts, India could not persuade them to stay home in the greater & broader interest of a developing country like ours. But what we could not does, the global financial slowdown could do easily to those escapists, who now intend to come back to India, not withstanding that a vacuum does not stay for long in a vibrant & youthful country like India. Now with the ever increasing number of professional & specialized colleges, our countries do not necessarily need them. In present scenario, India produces almost three million graduates per year, so if some percent of people still leave country for career option, absolutely no problem for us.

 Hence brain –drain is no more a big issue for our country. When so many intellectual trained brains are available right now in our country, why should we invite those drained brains, who now intensely intends to come back when we are self-sufficient. So let us tag them as drained brains, – who have selfishly surpassed the ‘Laxman Rekha’ and let us prohibit them to cross –over again to our country only to teach them a lesson that they should teach their wards not to repeat the same mistake again.

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