Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Dozens of machines will be produced in Russia at prices much below market prices. These are the cars of debtors

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Dozens of cars are available in Russia at prices below the general market level. Another auction is planned in Bashkiria, at which debtors’ cars will be put up for sale. Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until February 26, 2024 through the electronic platform «Sber-А».

The most affordable lot at the upcoming auction will be Honda Accord 2008 release with a starting price of 117 000 rubles. Renault Megane of the same year is planned to be sold for 173 053 rubles, and for Kia Rio 2015 will be asked from 382 500 rubles.

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The highest price is expected for off-roader Toyota Land Cruiser 2016 release — not less than 4 060 000 rubles. The three most expensive lots also include the crossover Nissan Qashqai 2014 release and the cross-van Chevrolet Orlando 2012, prices for which start from 1 280 525 rubles and 1 270 000 rubles respectively.

Similar auctions held in Bashkortostan and last year,

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