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“Doomsday in Germany is still ahead”, “Non-flying weather in Germany announced!”. Killnet hackers launched a “collective cyberattack” on Germany

Hackers from the Russian group Killnet on their Telegram page announced the start of a “collective cyber attack” on Germany, which was announced on the group’s Telegram channel.

The hackers invited other groups that support Russia to join their DDoS attack. At 10:11 Moscow time, a message was published about the beginning of the attack. “Isnaid: Doomsday in Germany is yet to come,” this message was published at 11:04 Moscow time.

Nearly two dozen other hacker groups have joined Killnet, including Infinity Hacker By, Anonymous Russia, Netside Group, SntaLapuss DDoS, Russia’s National Hackers, and others.

This Killnet illustration was attached to one of the posts

Several dozen sites were designated as targets: the German Ministry of Defense, the German Police, the Federal German Bank. In addition, it is planned to attack the sites of the largest German airports located in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and other cities. In the corresponding publication, the hackers wrote: “Non-flying weather in Germany announced!”.

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In addition, it is reported that Killnet plans to attack Spain in the same way.


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