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Don’t worry about running out of data, WhatsApp will run even without internet, know how it will work

WhatsApp without Internet: WhatsApp says that the company will offer high level of privacy and security even by connecting through proxy. WhatsApp is famous all over the world for the privacy and security of the users. Let us know how WhatsApp will run without internet.

WhatsApp Proxy Server: often happens when data is lost and we WhatsApp Can’t use such service. However, for users of the instant messaging platform owned by Meta proxy support is issued. With its help, users will be able to use WhatsApp even without internet. With the new support, users will be able to run WhatsApp using servers set up by volunteers and organizations around the world. In case of no internet, users will be able to interact with each other without any hindrance.

Announcing proxy support, WhatsApp said, “We are mindful that as we celebrate the beginning of 2023 through personal messages or calls, there are many people who are unable to reach their loved ones due to internet shutdowns. Get To help them, today we’re rolling out proxy support for WhatsApp users around the world.” The new service of WhatsApp will definitely benefit such users where internet has been blocked or internet facility is not available due to any other reason.

Will get strong privacy and security

WhatsApp further said that this support means that we are putting the power in the hands of people to maintain access to WhatsApp if the internet connection is blocked or stopped. The company says that connecting through proxy will provide a high level of privacy and security, which the social media platform WhatsApp usually provides to users. The company further added that users’ personal messages will still be protected through end-to-end encryption.

How to find WhatsApp Proxy

According to WhatsApp’s FAQ page, users who have an internet connection can search for trusted sources that create proxies through social media or search engines. After getting the proxy, follow the steps given below to connect. Before proceeding, check that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp.

do so on android

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats tab
  • Tap on More Options and then tap on Settings
  • Tap on Storage & Data then tap on Proxy
  • Tap on Use proxy
  • Tap on Set Proxy and enter proxy address
  • Tap Save. If your connection is successful, a check mark will appear.

do this on iphone

  • go to whatsapp settings
  • Tap on Storage & Data then tap on Proxy
  • Tap on Use proxy
  • Enter proxy address and tap save to connect
  • Will show check mark if connection is successful

Note: If you are not able to send or receive WhatsApp messages using the proxy, there is a possibility that the proxy is blocked. WhatsApp users can long press the block proxy address to delete it and enter a new proxy address to try again.

WhatsApp says that the use of third-party proxies will share users’ IP addresses with proxy providers. Third-party proxies are not issued by WhatsApp.


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