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Don’t want to donate to crypto due to environmental apprehensions Wikimedia Community

The Wikimedia Foundation’s community has asked the organization not to accept donations in crypto. This NGO associated with Wikipedia started discussing this issue earlier this year. 232 of the community’s 326 contributors have voted against crypto donations. One of the major reasons for opposition to donations in crypto is the apprehensions about the environment related to cryptocurrencies.

Mining of cryptocurrencies consumes a lot of electricity, which is likely to damage the environment. The Wikimedia Foundation aims to improve the environment and control carbon emissions. Firms related to the crypto industry are working to make this industry better in terms of environment. For example, Intel has announced a new bitcoin mining chip designed to improve the energy efficiency of crypto mining. However, some members of Wikimedia have also supported taking donations in crypto. They say that even normal currencies are not very environment friendly.

The arguments in favor of crypto donations have been reported by the Wikimedia community. blog post given in. This includes the option of cryptocurrencies that consume less electricity, cryptocurrencies This includes the availability of a safe way of donation from and normal currencies also affecting the environment. The Wikimedia Foundation had earlier reported that it had received donations in cryptocurrencies worth about $1.30 million in the last fiscal year.

This is not the first time that the Wikimedia community has protested over crypto-related issues. Earlier this year some editors at Wikipedia voted against the art of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) being linked. There has also been a lot of opposition in some countries to the excessive consumption of electricity in the mining of cryptocurrencies. China banned crypto mining last year for this reason. In Texas, America, people had to face difficulties due to lack of electricity due to crypto mining. Iran recently banned bitcoin mining for three months for the same reason. Illegal crypto mining in Kazakhstan also caused a severe shortage of electricity.

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