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Don’t use only one savings account for all purposes! can be a big loss

Saving Account: In the last few years, many major changes have taken place in the banking system in the country. Due to the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, the reach of banks to the city and village has increased. It is also the endeavor of the government that every section of the country can be connected with the banking system. With this people can get the benefit of interest by depositing money in banks instead of keeping money in their homes. Apart from this, the benefit of the government scheme will also be available in the form of Direct Benefit Transfer in the bank accounts of the people.

Generally, whenever people go to the bank to open accounts, they always open a savings account. With this, you deposit all your money in one place. But, you should avoid doing so. Many financial experts are of the opinion that keeping all your money in just one savings account can be very harmful at times. Any person must have at least two savings accounts. So let us know what can be the loss to the customer by depositing all the money in one savings account-

It is necessary to maintain a savings account as per the need
Most of the people use only one savings account for all the work. Many a times only one account is used for EMI, electricity bill payment, shopping, government scheme benefits etc. Due to this it becomes difficult to keep records of income and expenses. In such a situation, try to keep two savings accounts for your income and expenses. Save a part of the salary in one account and deal with the work like shopping, bill payment etc.

Fear of cyber crime remains
In today’s time, the incidents of cyber crimes are also increasing very fast. In such a situation, keeping all your deposits in only one account can be risky. Try to keep your deposits in at least two places. In such a situation, in the event of becoming a victim of cyber crime, you will not suffer huge financial loss.

Don’t depend on one bank
Many times people deposit all their deposits in only one bank. In such a situation, if that bank is not giving you any facility or in case of any kind of network problem, you have to face the problem. For example, if you put all the deposited capital in a bank and for some reason its net banking is not working, then in such a situation you may have to face a lot of trouble. Therefore, keep the option of at least two banks with you.

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