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Don’t remember the password? Don’t worry, Unlock Mobile without password, see the tricks

New Delhi: Phone Password: Everyone keeps their smartphones locked for security reasons. Many personal and important things are saved in the phone. Users don’t want anyone to see these things. This is why locking mobiles has become a necessity rather than an option. But what if you forget your passcode? All your data may also get corrupted. Retrieving a forgotten passcode is difficult for many. Better if you solve this problem already. Today we are telling you about a method by which you can unlock your phone without entering a password. But, you have to do this method before setting PIN or password.

Unlock with Smart Lock:

This is an Android feature, which allows you to bypass the lock screen security in certain situations. For this you need to go to Settings and go to Security. After this you have to go to Smart Lock. It will remember your phone lock. This will need to be done before setting the PIN.

On-Body Detection:

Here you will be given 5 options to unlock your existing lock without password with on-body detection. In this, the phone will know whether you have picked up the phone or not. The phone will automatically unlock if the phone is in your hand or pocket.

Trusted Sites: You can choose a location where your phone will be unlocked automatically.

Trusted Devices: Your phone will automatically unlock when connected to a trusted fitness tracker or other Bluetooth device, such as a car.

Trustworthy Face: Use facial recognition to unlock the phone.

Voice Match:

As soon as your phone recognizes your voice, it will unlock your phone. This feature was discontinued after Android 8 Oreo but it still works on older devices.

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