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Don’t panic if you don’t have a driving license while driving, police won’t catch you if you have ‘this’ app in your phone

New Delhi: Same as Aadhar card, PAN card Driving license (Driving License) This is also an important government document. Driving license is used as an identity card in many places. In addition, you will need to have a driver’s license while driving. However, you can drive without having a hard copy of your driving license. For this Digilocker (Digilocker) This app will be useful to you. Under Digital India, the Government of India has launched Digilocker. This will enable the citizens of the country to securely store important documents in digital format without having to carry them around.

Digilocker doesn’t require you to carry important documents in hard copy format everywhere. One of these is a driving license. Invoices are deducted if you do not have a driving license while driving. However, if you have Digilocker, you will not have this problem. You can store your driving license in Digilocker. For this go to the official website Sign up with your mobile number here. You will get an OTP, through which you can generate a username and password for the account. You can also set up an Ampin, which will make it easier to log in in the future.

Include your driving license in Digilocker

  • To create an account, link your Aadhar card with Digilocker account.
  • You can access the ‘Bridge Partners Document’ section of the Digilocker app. In this section you can specify the driving license number. After selecting the ‘Document Document’ option, now you want to select the partner who is the source of the document. For example, you will see the option of all the states under the Ministry of Roads, Transport and National Highways.
  • Find the driving license in document type and tap on it.
  • If you fill in the required information along with your name and address, the app will take the documents from a specific partner and store them in the app. Each user gets 1 GB of storage to store documents in the app.
  • Also, all government departments have been instructed to use the documents in Digilocker for government processing.
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