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Don’t make these 8 mistakes on WhatsApp, you will have to go to jail, only friends will get you in trouble

New Delhi: 8 Things To Avoid on WhatsApp: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is the most popular chatting app in India. Many people use it. This place is used for office work or private work like chatting, sending documents. WhatsApp platforms use end-to-end encryption. This makes it difficult for the police to reach the source of such messages. Users are protected. But, it becomes very difficult for the police to track this message.

WhatsApp aggregates metadata across each user. These messages are encrypted. But, if the police can get their name, IP address, mobile number, location, mobile network and mobile handset information. The police can also find out that you need to be careful when doing wrong. Otherwise you may have to go to jail. Find out what are the top 10 tasks on WhatsApp. Which can make you feel like a prisoner.

1. If you send pornographic clips on WhatsApp to anyone, you can go to jail. You can also be fined.

2. You could be arrested for sharing videos or morphed photos with someone who has been tampered with on WhatsApp groups.

3. If any woman is reporting sexual harassment on WhatsApp, the police can arrest you.

4. Creating a WhatsApp account in someone else’s name could land you in jail.

5. You can be arrested for spreading false messages against any religion or for damaging a place of worship.

6. Sharing fake news or multimedia files on sensitive topics that spread violence can get you into trouble.

7. You could get into trouble if you use WhatsApp to sell drugs or other prohibited items to citizens.

8. You could be arrested for sharing a video clip illegally on WhatsApp.

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