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Don’t disturb the New Year celebration, these 5 mistakes will be heavy while driving at night

Delhi Traffic Police Instructions: If you are planning to go out on New Year, then first know these 5 things. If you make any mistake then you may have to repent. Strict action can be taken against you. Apart from this, the challan may have to be paid.

Traffic Police Alert on New Year: Today the whole world is engrossed in New Year celebrations. On this occasion most people with friends night out Let’s make a plan. tell you that on this day Delhi-NCR In the areas, the police are also deployed on the roads with full preparation. If you are seen breaking the rules while having fun on the roads, then all the fun of your enjoyment can be spoiled. In such a situation, Delhi Police has issued a traffic advisory to ensure the safety of the people of Delhi.

Do not commit these 5 mistakes in the celebration of New Year, otherwise you may have to repent. The advisory given by the police will start from Saturday 31st December and will be applicable till 1st January 2023.

Police will be on every corner of the road

Delhi Traffic Police said that in view of the festive atmosphere on New Year, 18,000 police personnel have been deployed on the roads of Delhi in view of security. Meanwhile, 1,200 mobile patrolling vehicles and 2,074 will be on bikes. More than 300 arrest teams will also be present at many places to take strict action against law breakers.

Don’t do these 5 mistakes at all

The traffic police has issued a warning to those driving bikes or vehicles on the roads for the New Year celebrations. Delhi Police will take strict action if you are found doing these five things while driving. Here you can see that the police has forbidden to do these 5 things.

  • drunk driving
  • stunt biking
  • over speeding
  • reckless driving
  • rash and dangerous driving

During this time, the police has also made changes in many routes of the roads. In areas like Connaught Place, traffic stopped after 8 pm. Police will use alcometer to check drunk driving. Meaning, if anyone is found drunk on a car or bike on this day, then they should be ready to pay the challan as well.

Drunk driving checking points fixed

Police Commissioner SS Yadav said that they have identified 125 points for drunken driving. For this, mobile teams will also be deployed, which will take action against drunken driving, underage driving and use of dark glasses or black shades etc.

Delhi’s Special Police Commissioner Dipendra Pathak has said that if any of you is going by car or bike, then take special care that the driver or the person sitting with you has not consumed alcohol.


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