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Don’t buy AC this month even by forgetting, no double electricity bill will have to be paid every month

New Delhi. If you are thinking of buying AC, then you should wait for a few days. Because buying AC this month, you may have to face many losses. Actually BEE is contemplating to change some of its rules. After this change, you will have to pay more electricity bill every month. Let us also tell you about the reason behind this, why is this going to happen?

BEE is going to change the star rating of AC. Once the new star rating comes, the rating of the existing AC will be reduced by one star. Meaning if you buy 5 Star AC this month, then next month it will be 4 Star Rating. Now the question is whether the star rating is the same for both Window and Split AC, so the direct answer is no.

Will the price of AC increase?

Star rating is given to both the ACs in different ways and the rating of both is also different. With the new rating coming next month, the price of AC will also jump. The price of AC can increase by 7-10%. Companies say that with the arrival of the new Star Rating AC, its cost of production will also increase. In this, the AC manufacturing companies will also have to increase the air flow.

Changes happening late this time?

Usually, BEE Star Rating changes in January itself, but this time AC manufacturers had requested BEE to make changes with a little delay. Research could not be done for the last two years due to Kovid. Because of this, BEE has changed the star rating this time with a delay of six months. Next time BEE Star Rating will change in January 2025. After changing the star rating in July this year, it will continue till December 2024.

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