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Don’t be afraid if your phone gets wet in the rain, these tips will come in handy

Know what to do when phone falls in water: It has started raining, during this time special care needs to be taken of electronic devices. Heavy rains have lashed many parts of the state. As such, it is imperative to keep electronic gadgets like smartphones, laptops safe during this time. If the smartphone gets wet in rain water, the phone (what to do if the phone gets wet) can get damaged. If you are constantly traveling outside for work, you need to take special care of the phone in such a situation. You can use Waterproof Pouch to keep the device safe in the rain. Also, in case of sudden rain while traveling, you can protect the phone by covering it with polybag and paper. Even after all this, there is no reason to worry if water gets in the phone. We are going to tell you some simple tips, with the help of which you can keep the phone safe even if the water gets in the phone. Let’s learn more about these tips.

Switch off the phone immediately

Often when it goes out it suddenly starts to rain and in such a case you have nothing to keep the handset safe. So if the mobile gets wet or water gets in it, switch off the device immediately. Don’t make the mistake of switching on the phone again. If even a drop of water gets into the phone, the circuits in the chip can get damaged. Your phone may be sparking. Also delete the accessories connected to the phone. So turn off the phone immediately when the water is gone.


Remove the battery immediately

If your phone runs out of water, remove the battery immediately. After removing the battery, you will see a small sticker under the battery. The color of this sticker is white. However, if water falls in the phone (what to do if mobile falls in water) it changes color to pink or red. The color of this sticker changes instantly if there is any moisture in the phone. Most of the phones currently on the market come with an inbuilt battery. So it is not possible to remove the battery. In that case, try to dry the phone by switching it off immediately.

Avoid these mistakes when drying the phone

Many people use a hair dryer to dry the phone. However, this method is wrong. This can damage the phone’s chip. You can take the help of direct sunlight or fan air to dry the phone. This prevents moisture from remaining in the chip on the phone’s motherboard. Rice will also be useful for drying the phone. You can keep the phone in the rice for a few hours. So that the phone dries quickly. However, make sure that the rice grains do not get stuck in the headphone jack and charging case.


Take care only after complete drying

Restart the phone when it is completely dry. Don’t make the mistake of switching on immediately. A little moisture can remain even after the phone is completely dry. In this case, you can buy a water absorbing cloth from a hardware or chemist’s shop. Wrap the phone in this cloth for two-three days. This will make the phone work just fine. Insert the SIM card before switching off the phone. However, the phone does not start if the motherboard is damaged. Check the device properly.

Take care of the phone in the rain

Electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, smartwatches need special care during the rainy season. The device can deteriorate quickly, especially if water gets into the smartphone. You can use Waterproof Pouch to protect the phone from rain water. Also, always carry a raincoat with you when you go out. Raincoats will keep your phone and other items safe. Also, you can use Bluetooth Earphones and Earbuds in your bag to talk on the phone in the rain.

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