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Domestic chips may appear in Russian-made cars

According to “Kommersant” citing sources close to design centers and the Russian government, Russian microelectronics design centers may start developing electronics for automotive components.
The publication writes that representatives of relevant ministries and heads of Russian microelectronics companies are discussing a strategy for the development and production of controllers, sensors, control modules, sensor systems and other auto components in Russia. Design centers should prepare plans drawn up taking into account the needs of automobile plants in the near future.
Mikron is one of such plants. The company recognizes that auto electronics is a promising area, and the plant itself already has the necessary IATF 16949 certificate (a standard for quality management systems for suppliers in the automotive industry) and “already mastered components for body electronics and engine management systems, driver assistance systems, lighting devices” .
To return car production to the level of 2021, Russian car factories need about 20 million electronic control units, as stated by Dmitry Kornachev, director of the association “Consortium of enterprises in the field of automotive electronic devices and telematics”.

Serialization of electronic components, depending on the type of products, ranges from tens of millions (for processors and printed circuit boards) to billions of units (for capacitors and resistors) per year.

Dmitry Kornachev



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