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Domestic banking software will be checked for security as part of cyber exercises

Until the end of this year, the Central Bank of Russia intends to conduct cyber exercises to assess the level of security of banking software. According to the representative of the regulator, it is the domestic software that is planned to be evaluated.



“The Bank of Russia has been conducting cyber exercises with credit institutions since 2020, this year they will be held as planned. In the second half of 2022, it is planned to conduct cyber exercises taking into account the current scenarios of computer attacks, which include, among other things, the topic of import substitution of software for credit organizations,” the representative of the Central Bank said. At the same time, it is not yet reported what exactly will be checked.

The previous exercise was held in 2021 with the participation of 70 Russian banks. According to the source, the scheme looks like this:

  • The Central Bank reports a negative scenario.
  • Banks are launching their protective systems.
  • The Central Bank monitors their work and efficiency.
  • Then comes the summing up.

Scenario options may include options to disable certain software or hardware, such as SAP, Oracle, and so on. For example, the Oracle database management system (DBMS) was used in 2021 by all domestic banks. This was stated by the developers of the domestic DBMS Postgres Professional. Moreover, the system was used in the “most loaded and critical” places.

As a replacement, 1C solutions, own banking products, and so on are offered. However, there is simply no full-fledged replacement for SAP and Oracle solutions yet, and the created analogues “are largely inferior in terms of their technical characteristics and functionality.”

Previously reportedthat Russian specialists will be engaged in the refinement and support of software from SAP, Oracle and other companies.

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