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Dogecoin’s new website goes live, new features added

Dogecoin’s new website has gone live. Earlier this website was kept on preview mode for a few days, but now this upgraded website has gone live. Many updates have been made in the new website. Some interesting tabs have been added to it, which gives detailed information about Dodgecoin and some articles are also present. Apart from this, the website can now be viewed in 10 more languages ​​besides English.

dodgecoin The new website was announced to go live through a tweet from the official Twitter handle of . It has been written that the newly upgraded Dodgecoin website has now gone live after exiting the preview mode. The Dodgecoin Foundation launched a community group late last year. This group was created only to update the old Dogecoin website.

20 people were appointed in this group to upgrade the Dogecoin website. These were all skilled members in which talents like writing, translating, HTML, CSS and graphic design were hired. The team started working on the website towards the end of the year and it was activated in preview mode in June this year. The purpose of the team behind activating the website in preview mode was to get community feedback for the new website. After receiving the feedback, minor changes were made to the website on the same basis and now this new website is live.

Dogecoin new website has tabs under So Home, What is Dogecoin, Much Wallets, Very Community and So Dogepedia headings have been given. They also contain educational articles and interesting features about Dodgecoin. The website has now been made available in 10 more languages ​​apart from English. on the website Dogecoin is defined as an open source peer-to-peer digital currency. Regarding the usefulness of Dodgecoin, it has been written on the website that money means money is for use and dodgecoin is ‘money’.

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