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Dogecoin transaction without internet for the first time! use of radio dodge technology

The first radio transaction for Dogecoin (DOGE) has been done. On April 22, 2022, the first Dogecoin (DOGE) transaction was carried out via radio transmission. In this, the help of Starlink Global Network was taken. The development was reported by Dogecoin developer Michi Lumin, which he shared on Twitter.

DOGE is not the first cryptocurrency to be sent via radio transmission. Concepts such as mesh networking, amateur radio equipment and portable antennas have given people access to bitcoin transactions without internet access. Mitchie Lumin and Timothy Stabbing recently mentioned in a blog post that the Starlink satellite network of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX will be used to do Dodgecoin transactions without the Internet. For this, a Radiododge Regional Hub was created.

This technology is named RadioDodge which is a low cost and reliable technology. It works with Starlink internet service. This offline transaction was transmitted over HF radio to a regional hub more than 150 miles away in Colorado, USA.

The process went in such a way that dodgecoin transactions from the regional hub were routed to the dodgecoin testnet using the Starlink satellite. Dodgecoin supporters also expressed enthusiasm about this on social media. One user wrote, “First Dogecoin transaction without internet, using Radio Dodge. Dodge will reach people who do not have internet access through Radio Dodge.”

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Talking about the price of Dogecoin, it is running at Rs 10.87 in India. Its price is not changing much. Rather, the Dodgecoin price has been in a downward spiral for the past week. This cryptocurrency has seen a steady decline since April 16. Even today, its price has declined by about 1 percent. Dodgecoin’s popularity has been declining for some time now. This meme cryptocurrency is now out of the top 10 list by market cap.


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