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Dogecoin-backed basketball team aliens won medals

Whatever be the condition of the crypto market, but cryptocurrencies are making headlines in the world. Dogecoin is ahead in this matter. The meme coin has become a part of the popular basketball league Big3 and two members of DodgeCoin’s sponsored team Aliens have won midseason awards. The reason DodgeCoin is joining the Big3 League is because Bill Lee, the founder of its self-custodian wallet ‘MyDoge’, has purchased all 25 fire-tiered editions of Big3’s basketball team Aliens.

The Big3 Basketball League was founded by hip hop musician and actor Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz. The league consists of 12 teams, whose roster includes both former NBA players and international players. It has been 4 seasons so far. The year 2020 season was canceled due to Kovid-19.

of reports accordingThe Big3 League had decided to sell 25 fire-tier NFTs in April this year. DodgeCoin bet on this, which led to the Big3 Aliens team adopting DodgeCoin. Dodgecoin also appeared on the jersey of his team in recent matches of Aliens. Not only this, the purchase also led to the integration of MyDodge Wallet, which allows players, coaches and teams to earn Dogecoin tips with just one tweet.

In addition, Dogecoin Core release 1.14.6 may also launch soon. Its release notes are in progress. Important security updates and network efficiency changes may also be seen after this release. The core release is meant to include fixes that strengthen node and network security. With a very low block interval, Dogecoin aims to provide users with an affordable way of transacting.

It was recently revealed that Dogecoin is still trading well above its historical low of $0.00008690. It is up about 78,638.3 percent. Dodgecoin is down 89.17 percent from its all-time high even in this downturn in the crypto market. It was reported in the report that at present, this mime coin is the 10th largest cryptocurrency with a market valuation of $ 9 billion. Dodgecoin hasn’t seen any major rally in the year 2022. However, DodgeCoin saw its price rise by 15 percent earlier this year when electric car maker Tesla announced that it would accept cryptocurrency as payment for merchandise.

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