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Does your phone often fall from your hand? Know which screen guard will be best for you

smartphone screen guard

There is always confusion regarding the screen frame in mobile phones. Many people believe that touch works better without a screen protector. At the same time, many people believe that it protects the device from scratches and damage. When it comes to this, which screen guard is right for the phone? In this too, people are in a dilemma whether to get the company’s official screen protector installed or to go for the local market. Today we will answer such questions of yours.

Nowadays, some smartphones come with a screen protector in the box. In most cases these are TPU (thin-film thermoplastic polyurethane) screen protectors. These can protect the screen from scratches but cannot protect it from accidental damage. If you want to use your device for a long time, then these should not be used.

Those people whose smartphone falling from their hands has become very common, they should go for other options like tempered screen guard instead of TPU. This protector actually protects your phone’s display from damage.

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How many types of screen guards are there?

Nowadays, in the local market, users are confused by various types of screen guards ranging from 7D to 11D. Actually, understand further how many types of screen guards are there.

  • TPU/PET Film Screen Guard
  • tempered screen guard
  • privacy screen guard
  • mirror screen guard
  • sapphire screen guard
  • uv screen guard

The matter is not just that. The screen guards mentioned above also fall into two categories. One is glossy and the other has matte finish. It is clear from the name that it comes with a glossy finish, it will also have a branded one which will look original with the screen reflection. Secondly, the matte finish screen guard reduces light reflection, hence the color accuracy is not perfect.

It is very important to keep the phone display safe, especially if you are thinking of reselling it after a few years. The value of a phone with an old display is higher than that of a phone with a scratched or broken display.

Screen protector for phones with curved displays

If you have a phone with a curved display, then TPU or PET film will suffice. But it does not prevent physical damage. UV screen protectors or liquid screen protectors are also quite popular for phones with curved displays. But it is a bit difficult to install them in a curved screen. At the same time, some companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi forbid users to use UV screen guards. We would also advise you not to use them. Because these can cause permanent damage to the display.

screen guard for flat displays

For those who use phones with flat panel displays, regular tempered glass is better. And it is also cheap. The tempered glass protects the screen from both scratches and physical damage.

There are varieties of tempered glass, such as glossy, matte, mirror finish and privacy coated. They have different hardness levels, such as 9H and 11H, these are sold in the market as 9D and 11D. It is difficult to understand their hardness. Therefore, it is better that you choose either a low priced screen guard or a branded one.

privacy protection tempered glass

The tempered glass that comes with privacy protection keeps your display safe from others. Understand this way, if the person sitting next to you peeks at your screen, he will not see anything. However, using these, the screen colors do not appear as accurate.

sapphire screen guard

Lastly come sapphire screen guards which are much more expensive than a normal screen guard. If you are installing such a screen protector, then ensure that it is genuine. And the person installing it is a professional.

Keep in mind that some smartphones come with in-display fingerprint sensors, tempered glass may impair their functioning. It is important that while getting a screen guard installed, you think about both the company and the quality. But if you are using a budget phone then only basic tempered glass will be suitable for your phone.


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