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Does your laptop run out of battery quickly? These simple tips will come in handy

Increase Laptop Battery Life: Just like the smartphone, the laptop has now become a very important device. Laptops have become essential for everything from college projects to office work. Currently, laptops are widely used as compared to computers. The main reason for this is that laptops can be easily carried anywhere. With a laptop, you can easily complete office work even sitting in a cafe. Especially after the lockdown, the use of laptops has increased to a great extent. But, laptop battery drains quickly. Even on a full charge, the laptop battery does not last the whole day. Once charged you can use the laptop for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours. No need to worry if your laptop battery is also draining quickly. We are going to tell you some simple tips, with the help of which you can increase the battery life of your laptop. Let’s learn about these tips.

Use battery saver

Using Battery Saver while working on a laptop temporarily shuts down certain things in your device and thus saves power. Automatic email, calendar syncing, live updates and other apps do not work in the background. Battery saver is most important to extend battery life. To use the battery saver feature, click on Start and go to Settings. Here you will see power and battery option. From here you can turn on power saver mode.


Reduce duration for active performance

It is necessary to reduce the screen duration to make the battery last longer. This will greatly reduce the battery life of the laptop. This reduces the screen time a lot. For this you need to go to Start and click on Settings. Then go to system and select power and battery option. Then click on Screen and Sleep option. Select turn off my screen option for on battery power. These tips will increase the battery life of your laptop.

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Reduce the brightness of the display

Whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop, if your device’s brightness is too high, the battery will drain faster. Often we keep the brightness high because we cannot see the content on the screen clearly, but this drains the battery quickly. The lower the brightness level, the longer your laptop’s battery life will last. The first thing you need to do is click on Start to decrease the brightness of the display. Then go to settings. Now go to Display by clicking on System. Here you will find the brightness option. Some laptops also have a keyboard shortcut to reduce brightness.


Reduce the screen refresh rate

Just like a smartphone, the high refresh rate gives you great performance while using the laptop. There is no problem while using the laptop. You can also multitask easily. But, this drains the battery of the device quickly. You can also reduce the refresh rate of the laptop. Click the Start button to decrease the screen refresh rate. Then go to Settings and click on System. Here you will see display option. From here you can reduce the refresh rate.

​Choose the custom graphics option for apps

First of all go to Start. Next click on Settings. Then go to System and click on Display. Here you will see the graphics option. Now select the app option under custom option. Then next you will see power saving option, click on it. This will help increase the battery life of your laptop. Also, background applications should also be closed. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should also not be turned on constantly. The most important thing is to use the original charger while charging the laptop.




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