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Does it make sense to take a genetic test and what does it help to find out

With the help of genome analysis, you can also find out about a person’s relatives. This is available due to the fact that some parts of the genome remain almost unchanged: the Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA. In this way, you can even recreate the migration route of human ancestors: for boys, information about their distribution along the maternal and paternal lines will be available, for girls – only on the maternal side.

And what cannot be detected in this way? For example, a predisposition to any kind of activity. This is partly due to the fact that intellectual factors are still poorly understood. It’s the same with health: you cannot find out the product that is causing you to gain weight, since the main reason is the excess of calories. Yes, there are also special mutations in genes that affect this process, but this is very rare.

In general, we can say that at the moment genetic tests allow you to find out quite a lot of useful information about the body, but not all. However, the prospects for this technology are very good.

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