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Does cold affect the range of electric vehicles, know what is the truth behind it

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the temperature of North India may fall below 5 degrees. In such a situation, those who own electric vehicles may face problems in these vehicles.

Lithium-ion battery packs commonly used in electric vehicles are not known to be very effective in cold weather. Because batteries use chemical reactions for energy. In this, lithium ions move from anode to cathode to generate energy.

This process slows down in cold weather, which may result in the battery performing less efficiently and reducing the range it would have had on a full charge. According to research by the American Automobile Association, electric vehicles can lose up to 12 percent of their range when driven in extreme cold. In temperatures below freezing, range loss can be as high as 40 percent.

Cold weather also has an impact on the charging time of an EV, with the time taken for a full charge on an EV being said to increase by up to 400 percent depending on the cold. If as an EV owner you are noticing a difference in the performance of your vehicle, it could be due to the weather.

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However, comparing extremely cold countries like Norway to India, there is not much risk of battery failure. In addition, the battery management system (BMS) of most EVs thaws the battery pack at temperatures above zero degrees Celsius before charging operation begins. In a premium EV, it is likely that the manufacturer has fitted auxiliary heat pumps for better performance in cold weather.

what can you do?

If you use your EV for the daily commute, before driving your vehicle, turn on the heater, defrost the windows and switch on the heated ventilated seats. Lithium-ion batteries work best when warm, and this can help bring the temperature up and limit energy loss.


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