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Does charging the mobile overnight damage the battery, know the truth

When we leave the mobile phone for charging at night, many times it remains plugged in for the whole night. For this reason, many people say that by charging the smartphone all night, the mobile phone deteriorates quickly and many believe that the mobile phone may explode due to being engaged in charging for a long time. But today we will tell you whether it happens or not. So let’s know about it in detail.

Does charging the mobile overnight damage the battery?

Today we will tell you what will happen if your mobile phone is left on charge overnight, will it get damaged or nothing else. So let me tell you that nothing like this happens.

Actually, let us tell you that if your mobile is also left in the plug of charging overnight, then it does not get spoiled. There is a reason behind this. Because reports believe that almost all mobile phones have special processors that stop receiving current as soon as the battery is 100% charged.

Because of this, when the battery of the phone is fully charged 100% due to these processors, then the charging system in the phone automatically turns off. Due to this there is no defect.

But our suggestion is that when the mobile phone is fully charged then it should be removed from the charging point.

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