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Do you post a photo of a flight ticket on social media? Details will be hacked through barcode

It is okay to be excited about going out, but making mistakes due to excitement can create problems for you. Some of your personal details are hidden in the barcode given in flight tickets and boarding passes. When you share a photo of a ticket or pass, hackers scan the barcode and extract your details.

People have so much excitement before and during the trip that they keep sharing updates of every moment on social media. Many times it has been seen that people do not even think twice before sharing even the pictures of flight tickets and boarding passes with people on social media. But doing this can be very risky for you.

One thing to be noted here is that your details can also be hacked from the barcode given on the flight ticket and boarding pass. Hackers are only looking for this barcode, hackers have many such software with which they can scan the barcode seen in the photo and extract the details.

Your personal information like name and passport number is hidden in this barcode. Using this information, hackers sell your data on the dark web. After selling data on the dark web, you can only imagine what can happen next. Hackers can even empty your bank account, in such a situation, even a small mistake can ‘ruin’ you.

Protect yourself from hackers like this

If you want to protect yourself from the evil eyes of hackers, then you need to take some precautions. If you also want to post flight tickets on social media, then take the precautions mentioned below.

  • Hide the ticket barcode: Blur the ticket barcode before sharing the photo on social media.
  • Do not make travel details public: Do not share information like travel date, time, flight and seat number on social media even by mistake.
  • Share travel details with trusted people: Share travel-related information only with people you trust.
  • Strengthen privacy settings: Go to your social media account’s settings and update your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your posts.

It is important to maintain safety and privacy while travelling. If you follow the precautions mentioned above, you can avoid the dangers of sharing your flight ticket photo on social media.

What to do with flight tickets and boarding passes after travel?

After travelling, people throw flight tickets and boarding passes here and there. Imagine what could happen if hackers get hold of your boarding pass, which is why it is advisable to dispose of flight tickets and boarding passes properly after travelling.

In the matter of excitement, a small post on social media can cause you a lot of loss, that is why it is said that sharing flight tickets and boarding passes on social media can be quite risky.



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