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Do you know which smartphone is used by SpaceX’s Sarvesarva and Youth’s favorite Elon Musk? Learn the details

New Delhi: Elon Musk Are in constant discussion for a number of reasons. Musks, a favorite of modern technology, are especially popular with young people. Alan Musk’s lifestyle, his way of working is all that is seen in today’s youth. Musk is also in the news because of social media. The way they have helped Ukraine in the recent war between Ukraine and Russia. From that, people are appreciating him a lot on social media. Which of these devices does Technosavvy Elon Musk use every day with such a big fan following? Which company’s smartphone do they have? Everyone is curious about this. Learn more.

Elon Musk is particularly active on the microblogging site Twitter. Whether replying to people’s tweets or responding directly to the US President, Musk is always seen defending his side on social media. Most of Alan Musk’s posts are from iPhone. In which Alan Musk mentions using Apple iPhone. But Musk has not officially commented. They have never advertised a single smartphone brand. Most of Alan Musk’s tweets have the tag ‘Twitter for iPhone’. Which indicates that they use an iPhone. But exactly what model they use. No information about it.

The way Musk is active in terms of technology. From that they can have the latest model of iPhone i.e. iPhone 13 Series. The top variant of the iPhone 13 series is the iPhone 13 Pro Max and it is by far the most powerful smartphone. So it can be assumed that Musk is using iPhone 13 Pro Max. Notably, Alan Musken recently made a comment about his Twitter account. Do you handle a user’s Twitter handle? I have multiple personality disorders when asked. But, technically it’s all in one head. That’s what Musk answered.

Elon Musk also responded to a tweet from US President Joe Biden. Biden mentioned Ford and GM in the US electric vehicle segment. But, it didn’t have Tesla’s name on it. Musk probably didn’t like it. In response, Joe Biden was reminded of how Tesla created jobs in the US and invested in the electric vehicle segment.

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