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Do you know the price of this water car, fastest and full of features

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Fastest Amphibious Car Sea Lion Price Features:
On the basis of new technology, such things are happening in the world, which who would not have even thought about it. One such special thing is related to a car running on water. Yes, have you ever thought that the way cars move on roads, in the same way cars will swell in water? no no? But now it has become a reality and The Project Sea Lion has registered its name as the fastest amphibious car in the world. It has been developed under The Project Sea Lion and is now available for sale as well. Let us now give all the information including its price and features.

great speed
Recently, a glimpse of the Sea Lion prototype car has been seen, which turns into a speed boat in a few seconds when it goes in the water. While this car can run at a speed of 290 kmph on land, its speed in water is up to 97 kmph. Car designer M. Witt took 6 years to make this amphibious car. At the same time, talking about the price, Sea Lion has been introduced with a price range of around Rs 2 crore.

great to look at

Talking about the look and features of Sea Lion, this amphibious car made of CNC Mild Pieces and TIG Welded 5052 aluminum looks quite different and luxurious. It can be easily operated on land as well as in water. It has all the necessary features, so that there is no problem in running it and balance is easily maintained even in water. In the coming time, if you see a car in the water, then you will not be surprised at all, because nowadays the era is becoming very advanced and in a few years you can also see cars flying in the air. (Source- carandbike)

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