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Do you keep the phone in the back pocket of your jeans pants? You invite ‘these’ 5 problems

Never keep a phone in your back pocket: You may have seen a smartphone in the back pocket of the person in front of you many times while walking on the road. Many people keep such mobiles without any worries. Especially in the back pocket of the girl’s jeans pants, such a mobile is kept. But, is it really dangerous to keep a mobile phone in your back pocket? Here are 5 important reasons why you should not keep such a phone in your back pocket. Right now, in the midst of the crowd, we see the phone in our back pocket. This includes a large number of girls as well as boys. Although it is easy to keep the phone in this place, it is harmful to the body and the phone. The only advantage is that the pocket fits snugly and the phone fits snugly. But doing so can be dangerous. Today we are here to inform you about the damage that can happen if you put the phone in your back pocket.

Anything can be dial

By placing the phone on the back of the pants, the phone can be dialed automatically. Because, pants fit. Being jeans makes it even tighter. In this case, if there is no password, any number can be dialed. If your phone has been patterned or turned on by many complaints. If there is a password, the display can be turned on by pressing the power button. Emergency numbers can also be dialed.


Problems in the background can occur

Placing a mobile in the back pocket of tight-fitting jeans can cause some problems. Speaking of which, the number of such patients has been on the rise for the past few years, according to Arle Avitzer, a numerologist and medical consultant for the Customer Report. Many are having problems with the phone in the back pocket of their pants. Many also suffer from heel pain. According to him, this problem is caused by keeping the cellphone in the back pocket.


May cause damage to the phone

Some young people keep their expensive smartphones in their back pockets. This phone fits even better as the pants are already fitted. This can damage the phone. At the time of the launch of the iPhone 6, it was reported that the phone was banded. The size of the phone was large. Also the band was forming as he was constantly being pushed back. The biggest reason for this is that after constant backlash, many people forget to take out the phone while sitting. This can damage the phone. There may be bands as well as other damage to the phone.


Fear of theft

In crowded cities like Mumbai and Pune, many young boys and girls carry their expensive mobile phones in the back pocket of their pants. Many people are wearing T-shirts so they keep expensive smartphones in the back pocket of their pants as there is no pocket for the T-shirt. But, to do so is to give the thief a chance to steal the phone. Because, often on local travel or bus travel, thieves steal the phone from the back pocket. Taking advantage of the crowd, they make mobile lamps. Many do not even immediately notice that the phone has been stolen.


Fear of the phone falling

Although the back pocket of the jeans pants is tight, there is often a fear of the phone falling down while running or running fast. Catching a running bus, catching a locomotive often has the phone lying in the back pocket. So it is dangerous to keep the phone in the back pocket. Carrying a phone in a bag or top pocket is much safer than keeping it in a back pocket. Also the fear of theft is less than that. The fear of the phone falling is also low. So if you have an expensive smartphone, you may want to consider all of these things before putting them in your back pocket.

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