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Do you forget your email password? Transfer without email in just one touch

New Delhi: Whenever we get a new mobile, we always worry about how to transfer all the Google data of our old mobile to our new phone. If we use one, two or more Google accounts then it is also difficult to remember everyone’s password, in the same situation it becomes more troublesome to open the Google account of our old mobile on the new mobile.

People who use more than one email ID, sometimes it becomes difficult for them to remember even one email ID. In such a situation, is it possible that we can easily transfer all the Google data of our old mobile to the new mobile without any hassle!

If we talk simply, then we have to open the email id first on our new mobile, for which the email id needs to be remembered.

After that we have to enter our password. Scores using Two Factor Authentication have to verify from your old mobile that you have opened this account on any Android device.

If you do not remember the password, it needs to be reset, for which you get a code, which goes to your mobile phone or recovery mail.

After resetting the password, we can login to that account by entering the email id and password again. After this, if you also use other IDs, then you will have to repeat the same process again and again by going to the add Google account.

It is not easy to do at all and it will take a lot of time.

Let us know how you can do this process with the help of one touch:
1. First of all, both your devices have to be charged, sometimes this process takes some time.
2. Connect both the devices to the Internet and keep Bluetooth on.
3. Launch the Google app and type ‘Set up my device’ in the search bar.
4. A message will come on your screen that keep the bluetooth of both your mobiles on and after that start searching the mobile in Google.
5. With the help of Bluetooth, Google will show to connect all the nearby devices which have Bluetooth on, you have to choose your new mobile from them.
6. Same code will be shown on both your mobile for verification. If the codes match then you have to proceed.
7. In a short while all the Google data of your old phone will be transferred to your new phone.

This way you can transfer all your Google account data to your new phone as it is without worrying about remembering any email id and password.

It will also appear in your new phone in exactly the same way as you had in the previous phone.
All the things like calendar, contacts, photos etc. will come on this phone of yours.

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