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Do you also want to work with NASA, by giving an idea you can win 5 lakh rupees, this is the challenge

US space agency NASA : If you are interested in space science, then this is a big opportunity for you. By giving your idea to NASA, you can become a contender for a big prize money. NASA involves common people in many of its projects. By joining these projects, you can also fulfill your dreams and can also win $ 7000 i.e. 5.59 lakh rupees.

Ultralight Starshade Structural Design Challenge

NASA is soliciting ideas from people for building a lightweight starshade as part of its ‘Ultralight Starshade Structural Design Challenge’. According to the information, five based submissions have a chance to share the amount of $ 7,000. This starshade is being built for NASA’s concept hybrid observatory.

GrabCAD is hosting this NASA challenge. If you want to join this, then complete the task by the last date 22 August. People’s ideas will be tested on how durable and useful they are for the project. There will be a prize money of $7,000 for the best 5 submissions.

American space agency It is preparing many missions to find traces of life outside the earth. Till now she has also launched many missions, but there are many challenges in space and NASA wants to keep every preparation complete to make its mission successful. Preparations are being made to reach there in space through Starshed.

NASA’s Concept Observatory is also being called HOEE (Hybrid Observatory for Earth-Like Exoplanets). For this observatory, many large telescopes will be used to search for planets. Also, with the help of the starshade to be deployed in space, a shadow will be cast on the stars of the exoplanet. In this way, scientists will be able to see the light coming from the surface of the exoplanet, they will know what is there after all. Exoplanets are seen as planets full of potential for life. They are called exoplanets because they orbit other stars, not the Sun.

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