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Do you also use Chromebook laptop? Be careful, the government warned of danger

New Delhi. Chromebooks are laptops with very simple functions and features. Especially for those who require everyday tasks like word processing, browsing, viewing multimedia content etc. These laptops work on ChromeOS and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. (CERT-IN) has issued a warning for select ChromeOS users. CERT has confirmed that new bugs have been found in Google Chrome OS LTS channel versions prior to 96.0.4664.214 (Platform Version: 14268.89.0). Also, the government agency has divided these flaws as ‘high’.

CERT has reported that “a number of flaws have been reported in Google Chrome that could be exploited by attackers to execute code of their choice or to cause denial of service conditions on the target system.” These new vulnerabilities can be dangerous for ChromeOS users as attackers can take advantage of them by sending specially crafted requests. In addition it can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or create denial of service conditions on a target system, if they manage to take advantage of it properly.

The government agency has also given the reason behind these lapses. The official post states that “These flaws exist in Google Chrome due to unnecessary functions in the extension. Use after free in IndexedDB, Messaging, Sharing, Tablet Mode, Tab Groups and Bookmarks. CERT has developed its own solution as a solution.” Users have been asked to update Chrome OS to its latest version.It is worth noting that Google has already rolled out the Chrome OS update which shows many bugs and issues with the operating system.

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